President's Letter - Summer 2018

The last days of 2018’s Summer included the Minnesota State Fair setting an all-time attendance record with 270,000+ people walking through its gates in one day.  This is an impressive number and certainly more eye-catching than me telling you there are currently 82,000 active appraisers in the United States right now (54.9% are Certified Residential, 36.3% are Certified Residential and 8.8% are Licensed)!

You might ask how does the State Fair relate to the Appraisal Institute North Star Chapter?  Well, the answer as you might reasonably expect, is the two are completely unrelated outside of the fact both organizations aim to have "enthusiastic followers."  Plus, being keenly aware of statistics keeps us both entertained and employed.  We are numbers people after all. 

To the point, we realize not everyone had the opportunity of making either the MN Fair or an AI Event in 2018.  If you are one of the few people who missed out on either one of these two Upper Midwest great attractions, rest assured, I promise there is still time to get your thrills within the Appraisal Institute’s Fall Agenda.  Read on to find out more…. 

One exciting fall feature is that the North Star Chapter is now accepting applications for the 2018 Kurt Ophus Scholarship Award.  Please keep an eye out for the October 1st deadline to apply and check out the Chapter Website for further details. 

Please also mark your calendars for the upcoming Chapter Meeting and luncheon on October 18th and the dinner meeting November 28th.  The October Meeting should be very interesting with the topic of how rising construction costs are impacting the market.  Our guest speakers will be David Seigel and James Vagle of the BATC-Housing First Minnesota (formerly the Builders Association of the Twin Cities).  The November Meeting is sure to be informative given 2019’s Incoming AI President, Stephen S. Wagner, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, will be in attendance.  With all the shifts occurring in both our industry and professional organization, there will be no better place to get up to speed and ask any questions you may have.

Another timely topic I’d like to touch on is the increasing need for individuals in our profession to remain both informed and vigilant about the legislative environment.  As many of us are focused on our clients and assignments, threats to our livelihood are cropping up.  We saw it recently with North Dakota’s Temporary Waiver Proposal.  On this front, please make a concerted effort to support ongoing efforts of the Chapter to address Government Relations that support our industry.  More on this topic, as well as future initiatives, in the coming months.

Congratulations to all members who have gained ground on achieving any designation and to those recently designated.  

Finally, congratulations (again) to our own Craig Harrington, SRA, AI-RRS, who was awarded the Appraisal Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award on July 31 during the AI Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  He was one of two national recipients for this award.  It should go without saying we are extremely grateful for all his years of service to the Appraisal Institute/North Star Chapter as well as the integrity and knowledge he brings to our industry. 

Thanks to all members and North Star Staff for their support and involvement in 2018!

Yours Truly,

Justin Reed, MAI
2018 North Star Chapter President