Refund Policy


Registrants requesting a refund MUST submit a written request to the chapter. A fax or e-mail is acceptable. If you do not fax or email a cancellation notice or are a no show for class you will be charged the full tuition.  A registrant who withdraws after the orientation session is not entitled to a refund.

Fax: 651.317.8048


The North Star Chapter charges a $50.00 cancellation fee. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to receive a refund.

Program Material Policy     Beginning 4 weeks before the offering start date, program material will be shipped directly to the student. If this material has been shipped and you
request a registration cancellation, you will automatically be charged a $25.00 fee and you may keep the material. Once the fee is charged, your refund will be processed.
Material returns are no longer accepted. 

Although it is not the policy of the North Star Chapter to cancel an event, be it a course or a seminar, the North Star Chapter does reserve the right to cancel a course or seminar if the minimum enrollment level is not reached.

You must submit your cancellation in writing!

This cancellation/refund policy will be strictly enforced. There are no exceptions.


Cancellations must be submitted in writing. Both fax and email are acceptable. If you cancel 5 days prior to the seminar date, you will receive a refund minus the penalty fee of $50.00. There will be no refund if cancellation is less than 24 hours in advance.

Late Fees

All Courses are subject to a $50 late fee, Seminars are subject to a $25 late fee if registration is sent less than ten working days prior to the beginning of the event.