Valuation Magazine: Q3 Issue Now Available!

The latest issue of Valuation magazine is now available.

Driving Change
Numerous factors are changing our relationship with cars, including car sharing, autonomous vehicles and sustainability initiatives that urge people to rethink their need for and use of personal vehicles. No one knows exactly how this transportation revolution will play out, but appraisers need to know how it may affect real estate. 

The Art of Easements
Assignments that involve easements require appraisers to define the scope and terms of the acquisition — a challenging task that directly influences both the easement value and any damages to the remainder property. Read about how valuation professionals can successfully navigate these multiple demands.  

Cross-Border Collaboration
High-ranking valuation professionals at some of North America's largest real estate firms participated in a panel discussion at the 2017 International Valuation Conference — find out what they have to say about the challenges and opportunities facing the profession. Additional IVC coverage focuses on keynote speakers and Appraisal Institute professionals who were honored with awards.

Also in this issue:

  • On Point: Appraisal Institute President Jim Amorin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, talks about how AI advocates for valuation professionals in Washington and in state capitals.
  • Legal Matters: Find out what supervising appraisers need to know about trainees and liability issues.
  • For What It's Worth: Read how Taylor Smith, MAI, handles the details when the State Department needs housing for its staff.


The News in Numbers: See how the nation's aging population may influence real estate over the next three years. Also, the latest housing indicators, stocks and bonds and interest rates.

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