Take Action Today to Improve the Appraisal Industry!

The North Star Chapter Government Relations Committee (GRC) has been working overtime to help all appraisers in Minnesota.

Now, GRC, with backing of the Board of Directors, is requesting a CALL TO ACTION!

Please take a few minutes of your time to respond to this request.  If enacted, this bill will directly impact all appraisers on a daily basis. 

We currently have a bill in both chambers of the legislature.  It is an addition to Statute 82B, regarding the reconstitution of the Real Estate Appraisal Advisory Board (REAAB).  If passed, this bill will allow the formation of a board to work with the Minnesota Department of Commerce (DOC) on your behalf, addressing items such as licensing, continuing education, and disciplinary issues.  

We need YOUR help to make a difference.  Time is of the essence, since this is a short session which ends at the end of this month.  Please reach out and contact your legislator as soon as possible.  Visit https://www.leg.state.mn.us/ for a list of your representatives and senators.  We have provided a letter template that you can either mail or email to your legislator.

Please pass this message to other appraisers as well.  Together WE can make a difference!

Happy Appraising!

Byron Miller
Chair, Government Relations Committee
North Star Chapter of the Appraisal Institute