Give $100 – Get $100: Support the AI North Star Chapter’s Government Relations Committee

North Star Chapter Appraisers,

Your Government Relations Committee (GRC) is working hard on your behalf.  Over the past three years, we have passed three appraisal-related bills into law with the help of our state legislators.  Here’s a list of our accomplishments: 

2018 – Created the Appraisers Advisory Board to advise and provide best practices regarding real estate appraisers licensing, public disciplinary matter, continuing education, and industry-related trends.

2017 – One & done fingerprinting/background checks, instead of every renewal cycle.  Limited appraiser liability from an unlimited time-period to six years from date of appraisal.  Added a step into Dept. of Commerce (DOC) process to help appraisers get insurance and on fee panels.

2016 – No violation, no charge!  Excludes DOC from charging appraisers for investigations when the conclusion is no violation has been committed.  Cleaned up AMC language preventing appraisers from being classified as an AMC.  Charged DOC with authority to go after AMCs not paying customary and reasonable fees.

As you can see, our grass-roots efforts have accomplished a lot, with very little.  But now we need your help!

The North Star Chapter GRC has established a presence at the State Capitol, but we need to keep standing out amongst the big buck PACs (Political Action Committees) to be effective.  Therefore, we are asking North Star Chapter members to contribute $50 per individual or $100 per couple to a state legislator who has supported appraiser legislation in the past and potentially the FUTURE – Give $100.  Here’s the great part, the State of Minnesota will refund your political contribution of $50 per individual or $100 per couple – Get back $50 or $100.  

Your GRC members will be at the November 28th North Star Chapter meeting to help facilitate your contribution.  Please bring your checkbook and support your chapter!  If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact Byron Miller, or 612-822-5985, or Christy Mackaman, or 952-895-1205.


Byron Miller
Chair, Government Relations Committee
North Star Chapter of the Appraisal Institute